Thursday, January 20, 2022
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Lagos begins compulsory inspection of all vehicles




The Lagos state government has kick-started compulsory inspection of all vehicles in the state before the issuance of road worthiness certificates, today January 1, 2022.

The state’s Commissioner for Transportation, Dr. Frederic Oladeinde, who revealed this at a stakeholders’ meeting with all transport operators in Lagos, said motorists would have to present their vehicles for physical inspection at any of the designated computerized vehicle inspection centres across the state before they would be issued a road worthiness certificate.

Oladeinde explained that the new policy is geared towards making the road safe for all users and in line with the THEMES agenda of the Babajide Sanwo-Olu administration.

He added that the new policy would void the hitherto practice where any motorists can procure road worthiness certificate without presenting the vehicle for proper checks.

According to him, the move is to further strengthen the safety of the roads by ensuring that all vehicles plying Lagos roads are road worthy.

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“No one would be able to obtain road worthiness certificate anywhere in the state without the Vehicle Inspection Service (LACVIS) certifying such vehicles road worthy,” he said.

He said any motorists who failed to have his vehicle repaired within the grace period would have to process another road worthiness certificate to enjoy the 30 days grace.

Oladeinde said the meeting with the stakeholders was a forum to collate the suggestions or challenges that stakeholder feel might impede the success of the policy, assuring that their views would be presented to the Governor for consideration and appropriate actions.

The commissioner stated further that if a vehicle passed the minimum safety standard of the computerized test, such vehicle would be issued the certificate, adding that anyone whose vehicle failed the tests would be given one month grace period within which to fix the problems on such vehicle after which it would be returned for certification test upon which a road worthiness certificates would thereafter be issued.

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Earlier, the Director of Lagos State Vehicle Inspection Service, Mr. Akin-George Fashola, said the new policy is to reduce the presence of VIS officers on the road and ensure that motorists voluntarily comply with all regulations aimed at ensuring that the roads are safe for all road users.

He therefore, urged all transport unions leaders to help the government by ensuring that all their members know about this policy as no one would be able to procure road worthiness certificates without taking their vehicles for inspection.

He also pointed out that already 26 centres have been established and plans are in place to ensure that all the 20 local governments and 37 Local Council Development Areas (LCDA) have the computerized centres.


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